Class Descriptions

Ballet - Ballet is the foundation of all dance disciplines.  Instruction will focus on dance terminology, body placement and alignment.  All ballet levels will place emphasis on barre, center combinations, balance and across the floor technique.  Our curriculum is based on the French syllabus.

Pointe - Pointe will be at the discretion of the instructor and MUST be taken in conjunction with ballet. Dancer must have clean ballet technique and proper muscle development. Parent must sign waiver to participate in Pointe.

Jazz - Jazz class will incorporate various warm-up and stretch techniques. Jazz isolations, across the floor progressions and center combinations will be taught by the instructor incorporating all disciplines of jazz. Class is upbeat and less restricted then ballet. Proper turning technique will also be taught.

Lyrical - Is a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz. It explores emotions and a story of which is told through movement to the lyrics of music. Lyrical is a very expressive form of dance.

Open Technique - Open Technique is a class designed on working on anything from jazz, contemporary, stretch/conditioning, flexibility and modern. This class is designed to change from week to week.

Contemporary - Contemporary consists of a wide variety of styles. It employs contract-release, floor work, including fall and recovery.  It also combines unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction. In terms of technique contemporary dance tends to combine the genres of controlled legwork of ballet with stress on the torso.

Hip Hop - This style is most seen in music videos. Taking a jazz class is highly recommended. Class focuses on isolations, lock, pop, rhythm, and free-style. A fun, innovative and high-energy class.  No pre-requisite class needed to participate.

Turns/Jumps/Leaps - Instructor will work on a variety of turns, jumps, and leaps from all dance disciplines. Class structure drills balance and spotting to help each dancer understand their core, body placement, and spotting correctly to enhance their turning technique

Master Class Series- This class is designed to enhance the dancer’s ability to learn from many talented and professional instructors. Each month will offer a different instructor. The disciplines will range from contemporary, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. This class is for the intermediate to advanced dancer. Each student MUST be enrolled in 2 technique classes at The Dance Loft to participate. We require that you wear all black dance wear and hair back to these classes. To attend this class you must purchase the Master Card in 4 class increments. That card must be used within 6 weeks of the purchase date.

Tiny Ballerina - Young dancers will be introduced to the early world of dance. Class will explore basic ballet positions and simple across the floor technique. Various props such as wands, butterfly wings and home based stars will be used within the classroom setting.  At the end of each class either a fun filled dance related story or dance related activity will end the class. This class is a pre-requisite for a combo class. Must be potty trained and able to assist themselves.

Combo - This class is offered to students who are 3-6 years of age. The classroom will have more structure and the dancers will work on the beginning ballet terminology, positions, ballet barre, and placement. Included will be an introduction of jazz isolations, stretch, and across the floor technique. Beginning tap steps such as shuffles, flaps, shuffle ball-change, tap sounds and rhythm will be introduced.  NEW this year our combo dancers will have the opportunity to work their acro skills like bear walks, somersaults, bridges along with the beginning stages of learning fun Hip Hop moves.

Aerial Silks - This class will take dancing to new heights. With the fabric, dancers will climb, spin, swing and learn skills from the ground to the air. During the season, aerial silks technique will be covered and explored from a dance aesthetic. This class is a great way to gain strength, flexibility and artistry.  Aerial Basics is the beginning class.